How accurate is the test

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As indicated in the report, there are multiple other factors that can contribute to drug response (including age, weight, general health status, diet, other drugs being taken, other medical conditions, allergies and much more.)

Although our test has >99.9% accuracy in detecting the genetic variants that we test for that are known to impact individual responses to drugs, we can only test for the currently known genetic markers that have been demonstrated to help a patient have a higher probability of a positive response.

 As indicated in the “Guide to Understanding Your Report” section of our reports, genetics are only one piece of the puzzle and a “green” result only indicates that none of the genetic variants associated with gene-drug interactions that are currently known/recognized were detected in your cheek swab sample.  It is  important to point out that not all of the genetic signatures that underlie drug response are as yet known/have been validated, and it is possible that additional genetic variants (ex. rare variants as yet undiscovered) will be discovered in the future that impact response to these drugs. This is why we update our report every few months to reflect any changes in the research/recommendations – free of charge).


Our test is one piece of a very complicated puzzle. No test can tell a person that a medication will 100% work for them, it can only increase the odds that it will.


If you have additional questions or would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


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