When is the best time to do a PGx test?

Modified on Sun, 17 Apr 2022 at 11:29 PM

A pharmacogenetics test can be done at any time, from infancy on. 

Typically, patients who are struggling with pain or mental conditions order one of our tests to determine which medication will work best for them based on their genetics. Additionally, patients who are currently being treated for a variety of other conditions (e.g. cardiovascular, oncology, gastroenterology) might decide to order a PGx test to determine if their current treatment plan is ineffective or contributing to adverse outcomes (side effects). However, you can decide to order a PGx even if you aren’t on any medications as a proactive measure. 

Your DNA does not change, but the medications you take as you age do. Thus, in the future, if you are ever prescribed medication, you can share your report with your Healthcare Practitioner to determine the best medication for you based on your genetic profile.

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