If I have a particular genetic variant will my children/other family members have it as well? (If a drug is “green” for me would it be a good choice for my family members as well?)

Modified on Wed, 20 Apr 2022 at 04:44 PM

Your PGx personalized insights are unique to YOU alone. Just like one family member can have blue eyes while another has brown eyes, although genetic variants are inherited, there is no guarantee that immediate family members will share the same genetic variants as you. Everyone inherits one set of genetic instructions (allele) from their mother and one from their father, and the combination of those instructions determine how a gene functions.

To ensure your results are appropriately personalized, family member’s results should not be used to make treatment decisions for other family members.

If your test results indicate that you are a ‘red’ for a medication that a close relative is also taking, you may decide to share your results with that family member due to potential familial implications of PGx test results, to encourage them to have themselves tested as well.

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