Why is the same drug green on the PrecisionRx test and yellow on the Personalized Insights test?

Modified on Wed, 20 Apr 2022 at 04:50 PM

Some of the medications Inagene tests for on the Precision Pain and Mental Health test are also included on the PrecisionRx test.

The PrecisionRx test is an all-encompassing test that enables precision prescribing across a broad spectrum of multiple health conditions, while the Precision Pain and Mental Health test is tailored specifically to individuals suffering from pain or mental health related conditions. By focusing EXCLUSIVELY on genetic variants that impact pain and mental health medications, the Precision Pain and Mental Health test is able to test for more genes impacting responses to these medications, providing the most comprehensive pharmacogenetic test insights possible for these conditions. Some medications are impacted by more than one gene, and some genes have more clinically important impacts than others. Only the most clinically important genes across ALL therapeutic areas are included in the PrecisionRx test because of its broad-spectrum nature.

Some of the genes Inagene tests for in the Precision Pain and Mental Health test may not be present/tested for in the PrecisionRx test. When this happens, a drug that is categorized as “green” on the PrecisionRx test may be categorized as “yellow” on the Precision Pain and Mental Health test for the same person.

With any medication, it is important to read the recommendation. Just because a drug is categorized as “yellow”/ ”use with caution”, this does not necessarily mean that this drug isn’t the best drug for you. It is important to discuss your results with your health care provider before making any changes to your medications.

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